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Delphi Falls

Girls just wanna have cults. When high school senior, Mara, decides to start a cult rather than apply for college, her girlfriend Savannah struggles to articulate what she wants and how to escape her small town life. Delphi Falls is a reminder of how it feels to be in love for the first time and why we should never, ever underestimate the power of teenage girls.

Emily Welty's play Delphi Falls

What Do You Say at the End of the World?

Everyone's waiting for the world to end at any moment.
Larissa and Ian haven't seen each other since they broke up.
Can they figure out what to say to each other before it's all over?

  • Production: Emerging Artists Theatre’s New Work Series, TADA Theater, October 13, 2018, directed by Neal Kowalsky

  • Production: Secret Theatre, Long Island City, July 14, 20, 25, 29, August 2, 4, 2018 Directed by Neal Kowalsky 

  • Recognized as a Finalist for Best One Act Play; Won Best Actress – Secret Theatre; August 2018

Emily Welty's play "What Do You Say at the End of the World?"

Appalachian Trail

In the course of 24 hours of hiking on the Appalachian Trail, two couples struggle to navigate the past and the future of their relationships. Married couple Syd and Sam are hiking the entire AT in the wake of Syd’s health crisis. Dating couple Leah and Alex might be on the brink of engagement as they hike towards the campsite for the night. Whit is a feral, fierce eleven year old girl who inhabits the forest and shapes the lives of all four hikers with her competence and commitment to the green world of the wilderness. A reminder of why we should ALWAYS sweat the small stuff!

  • Finalist for Wordsmyth Theater Company, 2021

  • Semi-finalist for Garry Marshall Theatre, 2022

  • Semi-finalist Panndora Productions New Works Festival, 2022 

  • Bechdel finalist, Fall 2022

  • Two full public readings with actors as part of Second Draft workshop, ESPA, Spring 2019

  • Developmental workshop - Fail Better Collective, August 5, 2018

  • Selected scenes, reading, Kenyon Playwrights Conference, Summer 2018

  • Reading - Chelsea Rep LAB, June 9, 2018; Directed by Robert Siveris

Emily Welty's Play Appalachian Trail


Three people on a Buddhist retreat are trapped together after the wall of a cave collapses and have to figure out how to sustain themselves and each other in the dark. Luminescence is about being present to each other in whatever ways we know how, fixing what we can, caring for the people around us and being brave in the face of everything else.

  • Semi-finalist, Premier Stages, 2023

  • Reading with Playground Experiment, 2023

Emily Welty's Play Luminescence

Tiny Blurs of Light 

Five scappy activists win the ultimate prize. But what do we lose when we win?

  • Bechdel finalist, Fall 2021

Nobel Peace Prize

The Interstitial

Jerome and Rosie are both dead. But being in the world has never felt more alive. The Interstitial is a tiny meditation on being a good ancestor and  how we hang on to what is most alive.

Emily Welty's Play The Interstitial

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